ICD-10 Workshops!

Handsome successful doctor speaking to a senior patient

Cyfluent will provide free ICD-10 Case Study Workshops to independent physicians as an effort to mitigate the ICD-10 learning curve by addressing real-world coding problems associated with end-user migration to ICD-10.  

The workshops will include an overview component, including: basic understanding of the ICD-10 coding format & requirements/ benefits of ICD-10/differences between the ICD-9 and ICD-10 code sets; and a “case studies” component which will address coding/reimbursement problems brought to the seminar by attendees. The defining factor that sets Cyfluent’s Webinar Work Groups apart from typical ICD-10 “seminars” lies within the lessons that attendees will learn as they collaborate under the guidance and supervision of a credentialed ICD-10 compliance specialist to solve and understand their real-world coding challenges.

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