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moneyAbout the HITECH Act:

The HITECH Act provides incentives of up to $44K over five years for physicians who adopt and “meaningfully use” EHRs. CyCHART is CCR, CCD and HIPAA compliant and meets Stage 1 Meaningful Use Standards and Measures.

Incentives are higher for physicians who practice in rural and designated underserved areas by 25 percent and 10 percent, respectively. This act also provides incentives for physicians whose practices consist of 30 percent or more Medicaid patients (20 percent for pediatricians). These incentives will be calculated based on the actual number of patients.

Cyfluent practices set to receive

$63,750 per provider!

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sm-Medicare Timeline_Cyfluent*The Medicare EHR Incentive Program has a penalty phase that starts on January 1, 2015. The Medicaid program does not have a penalty phase. Physicians will be required to choose between the Medicare and Medicaid incentives. They will not be eligible to receive incentives under both plans.

Meaningful Use will be measured in stages over five years. Each stage represents a level of health IT adoption. Some health IT vendors may choose to only be certified for certain criteria, but Cyfluent users can rest assured they’ll meet all qualifications using CyCHART EHR.