First EHR?

 First EHR/EMR?

Whether you are completely new to an EHR or simply choosing the first EHR for your practice, there is no better time to make the move and no better solution than CyCHART. The ROI a practice gains when choosing the right EHR has been proven and can include:

  • Decreased paper/toner/folder/storage costs
  • Decreased hassles of finding information
  • Improved billing
  • Improved reporting
  • Improved charting / legible charting
  • Stimulus $$$

Thanks to advances in technology, the transition with Cyfluent is easier than ever. The problem many legacy EHR vendors have is that the EHR they offer is built on old technologies that are difficult to update and innovate.  This means they need to charge more to support the old technology and pay for resources to try to transition to the present, never really catching up. Cyfluent’s solution is built for the life of your practice.

The cost of implementing other EHR systems is significant!
A CDW Healthcare survey pegged it upwards of $120,000 per physician.(**)

You be the Judge

Legacy Vendor CyCHART
High upfront costs (licenses, set-up, training, hardware) Little to no upfront costs (no upfront licenses fees, use existing hardware)
Can’t try before you buy Use it for 90 days for free (No CC or payment upfront)
Can’t innovate Latest technology, everyone updated at once
Requires dedicated IT staff or services No IT needed
Long-term contracts Pay as you go, month to month, the data is yours
Customer responsible for Backup and Recovery Cyfluent handles Backup and recovery
Requires VPN or RDP for remote access Access anywhere you have internet